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May 16, 2013

London Youth Board Notes for week beginning the 20th of May 2013

The next meeting London Youth Board will take place on the 17th of June at Emerald GAA Grounds at Ruislip and will continue on with montly meetings on the third Monday of each month.

Child Protection Workshop for Safeguarding & Protecting Children
A big thanks to everyone who attended the child protection workshop will took place on Tuesday 14th May at The Emerald Grounds in Ruislip. Well done to the tutor Sheila Collins from Sport Coaching for a very informative evening.

Dulwich Harphs and North London Shamrocks for hosting U12 Blitz on Saturday the 11th of May

A big thanks to Dulwich Harphs and North London Shamrocks for hosting U12 Blitz on Saturday the 11th of May Well done to all involved in organising a very successful day where the children enjoyed the games and been able to demonstrate what they love to do in Gaelic football. In spite of the showery weather most games were able to be played. Thanks to both clubs for providing the children with some snacks A big thanks to the parents for their continued support as it's all much appreciated.
Dates for Go Games for U8/10 Football
Saturday 18th May hosted by St Kiernan's

Saturday 22nd June hosted by Parnell's at 12pm

Saturday 20th July hosted by Thomas McCurtain's at 12pm

Saturday 7th September hosted by Round Towers at 12pm

Dates for Go Games for U12 Football

Sunday 19th May hosted by Thomas McCurtain's at 12pm

Saturday 1st June hosted by St Kiernan's at 12pm

Saturday 6th July hosted by Parnell's at 12pm

Saturday 14th September hosted by Thomas McCurtain's at 12pm

Saturday 28th September hosted by St Kiernan's at 12pm


Last year's U14 Hurling Championship Final

Last year's U14 Hurling Championship Final between Granuaile and Thomas McCurtain's have been set to be played on the Sunday the 19th of May at Ruislip with a 3pm throw in

Fixtures U14 Football Championship
North London Shamrocks V Dulwich Harps on the 18th of May at 2pm venue TBC
Parnells V St Kiernan's on the 18th May at 2pm venue TBC
Tara's v Thomas McCurtains on the 18th of May at 2pm venue TBC

Fixtures U14 Football League Pool A
Dulwich Harps V North London Shamrocks on Saturday, 18th May at Peckham Rye at 2pm
Thomas McCurtains V Tara's on the Wednesday, 22nd May at Goodmayes at 7pm

U14 Football League Pool B
St kiernans v Tir Chonaill Gaels on the 21st May at 7pm at Mill Hill Rugby Club

ResultsU14 Football League Pool B
Parnell's 3-09 V 1-02 St Kiernans on the 14th of May

Fixtures U16 Championship Group 1
Round Towers v Tir Chonaill Gaels on the 18th May at Mitcham

Fixtures U18 Football League
Western Gaels v Brother Ciarans on the 17th of May at 7pm venue Northwick Park
Tir Chonaill Gaels v Western Gaels on the 24th May at Greenford at 7pm
Brother Ciarans v Tir Chonaill Gaels on the 31st May at 2pm at Montrose Park
Results U18 Herts-London League
St Dympnas v St Josephs/Glen Rovers conceded by St Josephs/Glen Rovers on 11th May
Tir Chonaill Gaels v St Josephs/Glen Rovers conceded by St Josephs/Glen Rovers on 10th May
Results U18 Herts-London League Finals
Brother Ciarans v St Dympnas was Conceded by St Dympnas on the 9th May
Tir Chonaill Gaels 7-03 v 1-03 Western Gaels on 9th May

Go Games Hurling
Fr. Murphy's Youth Hurling Club welcomes boys and girls from age 4 -
14 years to join them in the new season. Training has now started on
Wednesdays at the Shamrock Club, 307a Horn Lane, London W3 0BP from
6.30pm until 8.00pm. We cater for u8's, u10's, u12's and u14s.
For more information contact:, or Jimmy on 07753 746 220
Membership of players £20.00 individual player or £30.00 for a
Cork team coming in June to play the u12s
Friday 26th July A B C competition in Greenford
September Kilburn Gaels Festival.
Date for your diary: for May and June
Saturday 25th May Blitz U12/U14 (host to be confirmed)
Both of these dates are for London U14 GAA training (Felia)
Sunday 2nd June Blitz U8/U10
Saturday 8th June Blitz U12/U14
Saturday 15th June RTE to come and film Fr Murphy's Senior teams and youth teams will be included
Sun 23rd June U8/U10 (Tir Chonaill Gaels)
Results for the U12/ U14's Kilburn blitz on Sunday 12th May at Gladstone Park Anson Road NW2
Well done to all the clubs who took part in the Kilburn blitz on Sunday 12th May there were four clubs there and each club were short players so there two mixed teams put together to have two matches.

U14 Hurling Competitions
The final of U14 Hurling Championship with Granuaile v Thomas McCurtain's will be played in Ruislip on Sunday the 19th of May with throw in at 3pm

Key dates for hurling fixtures will be

Saturday the 25th of May for U12'S and U14's

Sunday the 2nd of June for U8's and U10's

Saturday the 8th June for U12's and U14's

Sunday the 23rd June for U8's and U10's

Sunday the 14th July for U8's and U10's

Saturday the 20th July for U8's and U10's

Saturday the 14th September for U8's and U10's

Saturday the 21 September for U12's and U14's

Sports Prediction Sheets for all clubs
As part of fundraising London GAA County Board have distributed sports prediction sheets to all the clubs with entry fee of £5 per sheet. We would ask you all to kindly get involved in selling and buying as all this money in the funds will enable our development teams trips to continue to Ireland. Thanks a million for all your continued support as it's all much appreciated.
Feile Dates for your diary:

Under 14 All Britain Feile 8th June in Birmingham.
Feile Peil na nOg 28th- 30th June held in Derry.
Feile na Gael 5th -7th July held in Limerick.
ABC dates are fixed for the 26th-28th of July at Greenford.
The 2nd Annual All Britain Competition (ABC) 26th-28th July 2013
All Britain Competition will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July at Tir Chonaill GAA Grounds, Greenford, London (UB6 0NZ). Plans are already well underway for the event and, with interest levels high, we hope that your club will be able to join in this great celebration of Gaelic Games. Below, you will find information relating to the games, and the weekend in general, and we hope this will assist you in planning for your visit to London.

Rules & Regulations

The following are the team sizes, pitch dimensions and playing times for each grade:

· U18: 7-a-side, 90m x 50m, 2 x 12 minute halves

· U16: 11-a-side, full size, 2 x 12 minute halves

· U14: 13-a-side, full size, 2 x 10 minutes halves

· U12: 11-a-side, 90m x 50m, 2 x 10 minute halves

· U10: 7-a-side, 65m x 40m (25m end zones, 15m middle zone), 2 x 10 minute halves

· U8: 7-a-side, 45m x 40m (3 equal zones), 2 x 8 minute halves

· All Finals will be 2 x 20 minute halves


Please also note the following information:

· The above will be strictly adhered to in all Boys Football competitions, but may be open to small changes in team sizes, upon agreement, in all other competitions, if the need arises.

· There will be no amalgamations allowed and this policy will be strictly enforced.

· U8 & U10 Football will be played in line with Go Games regulations, and will be played to a conclusion on Friday 26th.

· All Hurling & Camogie will be played up to, and including, semi-final stage on Friday 26th.

· Ladies Football (all ages) & U12 to U18 Boys Football to be played up to, and including, semi-final stage on Saturday 27th.

· All Plate & Shield Finals will be played on Saturday 27th. It will only be possible to determine at what grades we will have these finals once Entries are confirmed.

· All Cup Finals will be played on Sunday 28th.

· Players may only play at one grade.

· On Friday 26th, pitches will be laid out so that 4 U8 Football games can take place on a standard full-size pitch at one time. The start, half-time break and finish of all 4 games will be uniform, and will be signalled by air horn. Any teams not ready to commence their game on time, or going over the allotted half-time break, will lose this time from their game as it's crucial that we stick rigidly to what will be a tight schedule. The same will apply at U10 Football. The timing of all Hurling and Camogie will be controlled solely by the referee.


Entries, Registration & Fees

· The cost of Entry is £50 per team, up to a maximum of £200 per club.

· In the interest of promoting and developing the games of Hurling, Camogie and Ladies Football, all Entries into these competitions will be free of charge, but must still be made via the official Entry Form and within the stated deadline.

· The closing date for Entries is Friday June 28th. An Entry Form will be sent to all clubs in advance of this date and must be returned, with the relevant fees, as per the details which will appear on the form.

· The deadline for registering on the day of play is 1 hour prior to your first game (i.e no later than 1:00pm for a 2:00pm start). A full list of fixtures will be circulated to all clubs as far in advance of the weekend as is possible.


Start and Finish Times

· U8 and U10 Football will commence at 1:30pm on Friday 26th. Hurling and Camogie games will commence at 2:00pm on the same day.

· U12 and U16 Boys Football will commence at 11:00am on Saturday 27th. Ladies Football will commence at 11:30am on the same day, while U14 and U18 Boys Football will commence at 12 noon.

· The first Finals on Sunday 28th will take place at 12 noon and the last of the Finals at approximately 2:00pm. It will only be possible to confirm the exact order in which Finals will be played closer to the time, and possibly only on the Saturday evening, as we will try to accommodate those travelling the longest distances by allowing them to play their Finals first.

· The finishing times on each day will be determined by the level of Entries. We will endeavour, where possible, to produce the most time efficient fixture list for clubs to allow for minimum waiting times between games.


Catering and Facilities

· Each participating team will be provided with meals for their panel (determined as starting team number + 3 substitutes) plus 2 mentors.

· Toilet facilities will be provided throughout the grounds.

· Parking will be available on site. Please advise all of your travelling party to proceed to the main entrance of Tir Chonaill Gaels GAA Grounds (at the end of Berkeley Avenue), from where they will be directed to the relevant parking areas.

· Hot & Cold Drinks plus refreshments will be available to purchase in the Clubhouse.

· There will be an Ambulance and Medical Personnel in attendance over the 3 days.



· Trophy presentations will take place immediately after each final, on the approach from the playing fields to the Clubhouse.

· The Winners in each grade of Boys Football will receive medals. In Ladies Football, both the Winners and Runners-Up will be presented with medals. All participants in U8 & U10 Football, All Hurling and All Camogie will receive medals.


Marketing & Advertising

· We commenced a weekly article in The Irish Post this week, and this will continue weekly up to the weekend of the event.

· Also in this weeks issue of The Irish Post is a quarter page advert, promoting the Competition. This will run bi-weekly.

· Britain GAA Facebook and Twitter pages are very active and will be promoting the Competition at every opportunity over the coming months. Our website ( is currently being extensively updated and, when completed, will feature a dedicated section for this year. We welcome any suggestions or submissions for any of our pages.

· We will be holding an Official Launch soon and would like to invite you, and anyone within your club who wishes to do so, to attend. The final date and venue are to be confirmed but it is most likely to take place in The Irish Embassy in London on June 5th. This will be confirmed as soon as possible.

ABC Steering CommitteeMembers.

Chairperson: John Gormley, Mob: 079 5764 3614

Secretary: Lloyd Colfer, Mob: 078 7260 0073

Chairperson, Britain GAA: Brendie Brien, Mob: 079 6199 0888

GaryKelly Secretary and Senior Games Development Manager, Britain GAA Mob: 077 1100 4008


It is now compulsory for all youths to wear Mouthguards during training and during their games, so can all clubs please make sure this rule is implemented at all times .

For further information please contact Phill Butler on 07920554006