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U18 Herts-London FL

April 21, 2013

Teams where limited to play with only 11 players. Both teams however agreed to play the match as 11 aside.

The match took place glorious sunny afternoon in Greenford. The few spectators who attended were
treated to an exciting and entertaining encounter.

Despite been under strengthen & playing up the hill, TCG started the game well and with an impressive passages of play making several scoring changes, the Gaels were able to put a goal & 1 point in the first 10 minutes. St. Dympna's however had battled hard and created several scoring chances but had only had 1 point to show for all their endeavours. By the 20th minute of the first half Gaels had scored a 2nd goal, St. Dympna's came back again with an excellent passage of play, working the ball from their own 21 yard line to score their 1st goal of the game. Both teams continued to battle well with many good scoring chances being missed by both sides as the half progressed. TCG lead by 2-2 to 1-3 at the half time.
Half Time
Tir Chonaill Gaels 2 : 2 St. Dympna's 1 : 3

The second half started at a fast pace with the St. Pympna's determined to get back into the game. St. Dympna's where able to take full advantage of having substitutes and used this to great effect as the half progressed, these fresh legs made a huge difference as with 10 minutes remaining in the match they had turned the game around to lead by 2-5 to 2-3 . With the Gaels full forward twisting his ankle & having No substitutes TCG were forced to swoop their goal-keeper with their injured full forward. This changed worked well for TCG, as their goal-keeper moved into midfield & his fresh legs helped Gaels in scoring their 2nd goal. This now set up an exciting climax to the game, with St' Dympna's having the majority of play put a further 2 points on the score board but TCG defended like trogons & giving St.Dympna's very few good scoring chances inside the 21 after that. This impressive defending spurred TCG's forwards on, with only 5 good scoring opportunities in the 2nd half, TCG scored 2 goals & 1 point. St. Dympna's kept the ball in Gaels half but TCG fought hard in the final few minutes to claw the game back, to run out winners by 2pts as the final whistle blew.

Congratulations to both sets of players for a very entertaining and enjoyable match.

Many thanks to Rob Whelan for refereeing the game today.

Tir Chonaill Gaels 4 - 3 St. Dympna's 2- 7