Donal Corbett elected as new London chairperson

Donal Corbett elected as new London chairperson

January 31, 2021

Donal Corbett said he is ‘honoured to accept’ the position of chairperson, after securing 60 of a total valid poll of 85 at the London GAA convention this afternoon.

The Granuaile clubman served as Treasurer in 2020, and takes over from fellow Granuaile clubman John Lacey who wished him the best of luck for the year ahead.

The incoming chairperson noted Mr Lacey's 'dedication and longevity' which is 'renowned' here in London and Ireland. He said he hoped Mr Lacey would remain 'an active part' of the county's activities as 'his talents have never been more needed than they will be over the next few years'.

The meeting took place virtually on Microsoft Teams in light of Covid-19 restrictions.

Please see below results, and congratulations to the incoming officers (in bold):

Total voting poll: 82, 1 spoiled

Bill Reilly: 52
Johnny Dwyer: 30

Total voting poll: 85, 2 spoiled

Donal Corbett: 60
John Doyle: 25

Vice chairperson
Total voting poll: 81, 1 spoiled

John O’Neill: 77
Liam Barry: 4


John Molloy returning unopposed

Assistant Secretary

Total voting poll: 80, 1 spoiled

Calum Crowley: 48
Anthony Dennehy: 32

Donal Corbett already elected as chairperson, cannot hold two positions, so Mort Reidy deemed elected

Assistant Treasurer
Mort Reidy already elected as treasurer, cannot hold two positions, so Anthony Geary deemed elected

Coaching Officer
Total voting poll: 83, 1 spoiled

Colleen Lynott: 65
Martin Harrell: 18

Total voting poll: 83, 1 spoiled

Fiona O’Brien: 51
Richard Ellis: 32

Irish Officer
Total voting poll: 76, 2 spoiled

Sean Howlin: 40
Donal McMullan: 36

Central Council:

Tony O’Halloran returning unopposed

Provincial Council
Total voting poll: 81, 4 spoiled

Quota deemed as 28 votes

Tom Mohan elected in first round with 31 votes. Once votes redistributed, Bernard Collins elected as second officer with 27 votes in 5th round and no votes remaining.

We all wish John Lacey the best of luck in his future endeavours after completing a successful five-year term.

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