2020 - Fixture Master Plan and Draws

2020 - Fixture Master Plan and Draws

September 03, 2020

The following Master Fixture plan was approved by clubs at last night's county board meeting. Please scroll down further to view the draws for each competition.

Competition draws as follows:

Senior Hurling Championship

1ABros PearsevDSt Gabriels
BRobert EmmetsvCFr Murphys
EThomas McCurtainsvFKilburn Gaels
2CFr MurphysvABros Pearse
DSt GabrielsvEThomas McCurtains
BRobert EmmetsvFKilburn Gaels
3EThomas McCurtainsvCFr Murphys
ABros PearsevBRobert Emmets
DSt GabrielsvFKilburn Gaels
4BRobert EmmetsvEThomas McCurtains
CFr MurphysvDSt Gabriels
ABros PearsevFKilburn Gaels
5DSt GabrielsvBRobert Emmets
EThomas McCurtainsvABros Pearse
CFr MurphysvFKilburn Gaels

Intermediate Hurling Championship

BSean TreacysvCSt Gabriels B
EKilburn Gaels BvFFulham Irish
2CSt Gabriels BvAGranuaile
DCuChullainsvEKilburn Gaels B
BSean TreacysvFFulham Irish
3EKilburn Gaels BvCSt Gabriels B
AGranuailevBSean Treacys
DCuChullainsvFFulham Irish
4BSean TreacysvEKilburn Gaels B
CSt Gabriels BvDCuChullains
AGranuailevFFulham Irish
5DCuChullainsvBSean Treacys
EKilburn Gaels BvAGranuaile
CSt Gabriels BvFFulham Irish

Senior Football Championship

Group A

Group B

1ANorth London ShamrocksvDTirChonaill Gaels
1AKingdom/Kerry GaelsvDRound Towers
BThomas McCurtainsvCSt Kiernans
BFulham IrishvCNeasden Gaels
2CSt KiernansvANorth London Shamrocks
2CNeasden GaelsvAKingdom/Kerry Gaels
DTirChonaill GaelsvBThomas McCurtains
DRound TowersvBFulham Irish
3DTirChonaill GaelsvCSt Kiernans
3DRound TowersvCNeasden Gaels
ANorth London ShamrocksvBThomas McCurtains
AKingdom/Kerry GaelsvBFulham Irish

Intermediate Football Championship

Group A

Group B

1ASt BrendansvDSt Josephs
1AEire OgvDDulwich Harps
BCuChullainsvCTirChonaill Gaels
2CGarryowenvASt Brendans
2CTirChonaill GaelsvAEire Og
DSt JosephsvBParnells
DDulwich HarpsvBCuChullains
3DSt JosephsvCGarryowen
3DDulwich HarpsvCTirChonaill Gaels
ASt BrendansvBParnells
AEire OgvBCuChullains

Junior Football Championship

Group A

Group B

1ATaravDSt Kiernans Jnr
1ABros PearsevDHarlesden Harps
BSt AnthonysvCWandsworth Gaels
BByevCSt Clarets
2CWandsworth GaelsvATara
2CSt ClaretsvABros Pearse
DSt Kiernans JnrvBSt Anthonys
DHarlesden HarpsvBBye
3DSt Kiernans JnrvCWandsworth Gaels
3DHarlesden HarpsvCSt Clarets
ATaravBSt Anthonys
ABros PearsevBBye

Tipperary/Conway Cups

Tipperary Cup S/Fs

W Q/F1
vW Q/F 2
Q/F 1Round TowersvSt Kiernans
W Q/F3
vW Q/F 4
Q/F 2North London ShamrocksvNeasden Gaels

Q/F 3Fulham IrishvKingdom/Kerry Gaels
Conway Cup S/Fs

Q/F 4TirChonaill GaelsvThomas McCurtains
L Q/F1
vL Q/F 2

L Q/F3
vL Q/F 4

Murphy/Shiels Cups

Murphy Cup S/Fs

W Q/F1
vW Q/F 2
Q/F 1Dulwich HarpsvCuChullains
W Q/F3
vW Q/F 4
Q/F 2St JosephsvGarryowen

Q/F 3TirChonaill GaelsvSt Brendans
Shiels Cup S/Fs

Q/F 4Eire OgvParnells
L Q/F1
vL Q/F 2

L Q/F3
vL Q/F 4

McArdle/Mullarkey Cups

McArdle Cup S/Fs

W Q/F1
vW Q/F 2
Q/F 1St ClaretsvWandsworth Gaels
W Q/F3Harlesden HarpsvW Q/F 4
Q/F 2St AnthonysvSt Kiernans Jnr

Q/F 3Harlesden HarpsvBye
Mullarkey Cup S/Fs

Q/F 4TaravBros Pearse
L Q/F1
vL Q/F 2

L Q/F3ByevL Q/F 4
Reserve Football Championship

1AThomas McCurtainsvDFulham Irish
BNorth London ShamrocksvCSt Kiernans
ERound TowersvFBye
2CSt KiernansvAThomas McCurtains
DFulham IrishvERound Towers
BNorth London ShamrocksvFBye
3ERound TowersvCSt Kiernans
AThomas McCurtainsvBNorth London Shamrocks
DFulham IrishvFBye
4BNorth London ShamrocksvERound Towers
CSt KiernansvDFulham Irish
AThomas McCurtainsvFBye
5DFulham IrishvBNorth London Shamrocks
ERound TowersvAThomas McCurtains
CSt KiernansvFBye