Covid-19 Update – Safe Return to Gaelic Games for the Province o

Covid-19 Update – Safe Return to Gaelic Games for the Province o

August 11, 2020





The Gaelic Games Council of Britain update on our published plan for a safe return to Gaelic games for our three organisations. 


We are currently in Phase 3 of our “Road Map” and the UK Government has made it a requirement that sanction from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is required before we can progress.  


The Council has engaged a specialist consultant to assist with this requirement and our application has had an initial review. Subject to a couple of matters being addressed we are hopeful of a favourable outcome. Clearly the Government Department is dealing with all the sporting bodies in Britain so we cannot predict the timescale, however, we will, with our consultant, continue to expedite the outcome and address any inquiries immediately on receipt. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are adhering to the current stage guidance in the 3 jurisdictions.  Your co-operation and commitment to our games is greatly appreciated. The hard work of the County Covid-19 Supervisors as well as Jen Tracey, Jen Noone and Ann McGivern the Provincial Covid-19 Supervisors, has been tremendous and greatly assisting us in the overall process.  


further statement will be released once we have further news on when we can move to Phase 4 along with updated guidance. 


The members of the Gaelic Games Council of Britain  

Paul Foley Chairperson of GAA Britain  

Karl McGuigan Secretary of GAA Britain 

Martin J Brennan Chairperson of Camogie Britain 

Lucy Hawkes Secretary of Camogie Britain 

Patricia Morrison President of LGFA Britain 

Maria Hinds Secretary of LGFA Britain  




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