Britain GAA - Provincial Council 'Return to Play' statement

Britain GAA - Provincial Council 'Return to Play' statement

June 24, 2020

Covid-19 Update

Safe Return to Gaelic Games for the Province of Britain 

The Gaelic Games Council of Britain have today published a plan for a safe return to Gaelic games for the three organisations. The plan is an adapted version of the Island of Ireland Return to Play Plan, reviewed by the GGBC which included representatives of all three bodies. It offers a route back to activity, subject to the government regulations in the 3 Countries, England, Scotland and Wales. 

It is broken down into sections covering: Medical Advice; 

England - and-tracing/ 

Scotland - poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19 

Wales - 

Preparing for a Safe Return; Information for Players and Team Personnel; Summary and Checklist; Roadmap for Return to Activity. 

Some of the stand-out elements of the report include: A gradual return to on-field non-contact activity in Phase Three of the Government plan in small groups with a focus on the 3 Countries different guidelines. 

• The need for an online education programme and new measures around health questionnaire and completed documentation before training. 

• A return to sport dictated by each relevant Government in each country, Scotland, England and Wales. 

• Importance of facility ownership and management. 

It is being distributed to all units today with a view to provide guidance for putting in place the necessary arrangements to facilitate a return to activity. 

The online eQuestionnaire currently available in Ireland is due to be completed and ready for all clubs and counties based in Britain by Friday 26th June. 

Clubs can still provide the names of the Supervisors in advance using the MS Form shared by Croke Park on Monday ( RWncZmBqxCodQU6s03w1VUQlVYRDcxUVJRMUREOUg1WVlCRU9FWUFIWi4u

Return to activity, in accordance with government regulations, is sanctioned from June 29th provided all of the following conditions have been met:

1. Full compliance with the requirements for registrations of members and insurance through the relevant parent body.

2. Completion of the Covid19 E Learning Module

3. Completion of the Health Questionnaire (eQuestionnaire)

4. Sign off by the County Covid Supervisor on the checklist of preparations and the audit of facilities.

The members of the Gaelic Games Council of Britain Paul Foley Chairman of GAA Britain

Karl McGuigan Secretary of GAA Britain

Martin J Brennan Chairperson of Camogie Britain

Lucy Hawkes Secretary of Camogie Britain

Patricia Morrison President of LGFA Britain

Maria Hinds Secretary of LGFA Britain